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Article: The Magic of Multani Mitti

The Magic of Multani Mitti

The Magic of Multani Mitti

Skin is probably the body’s most revealing feature, even if eyes, lips and noses tend to get more attention. Tellingly, because skin isn’t limited to one singular space, keeping it healthy and flawless can be a real battle.

However, the skin on one’s face being the most visible, the cosmetics market focuses heavily on skin-care products such as creams, ointments, lotions, gels, etc. Which is all very well, except that most commercial products are laden with chemicals that may actually end up causing other issues.

Go Natural!
The unwritten thumb rule is: When in doubt, go with natural! There are enough of natural and Ayurvedic remedies that deliver what they promise, without any side effects. One of the best natural skin-care remedies is Multani Mitti. So called because it originates from Multan, in Pakistan (literally ‘Soil of Multan’). It has a host of beneficial properties – chiefly because it is considered to be an excellent cleansing and exfoliating agent for skin. Multani Mitti is called ‘Fuller’s Earth’ in English.

Multani Mitti has literally stood the test of time. Over the generations, and to this very day, people revere it for its range of properties – anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, absorbance, anti-microbial, astringent and skin-brightening. It is therefore used in a host of applications related to skin and even hair.

Multiple Properties
It can help tone the skin and slow down signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging. It’s an excellent remedy against sunburn – delivering a cooling effect. Some believe it improves complexion, increases skin elasticity, may soothe scars, and possibly even help balance out effects of suntan and pigmentation.

It’s believed that its superb absorbent properties make it an effective home remedy against pimples, acne, and scars and pitting resulting from them. Its cleansing effect is useful in eliminating grime and other skin debris brought on by air pollution.

Many are also convinced about its healing abilities – thus use it as a bandage to prevent infection in wounds. As Fuller’s Earth, this reputation has spread far and wide, even going back in time – with its use by Native Americans, and in treating wounds of soldiers during World War II.

Multani Mitti is versatile in that it can be combined with several base liquids – such as water, milk, glycerin, rose water, coconut/olive oil… even honey and lemon juice.

So what gives Multani Mitti its magical properties? No doubt its richness in minerals. Being natural, it is safe to use on the face and, in fact, makes for a popular face pack – believed to balance the skin’s natural oils, thereby delivering smooth and flawless complexion. It is also a good protector against harmful UV rays. Some people even use it as a hair pack – insisting that it can rejuvenate the hair, leaving it soft and with a healthy sheen.

A Daily Habit
Acne, rashes, sunburn, wounds, inflammation, skin whitening… Multani Mitti is the way to go. It makes for a healthy daily habit. Of course, in the hustle and bustle of daily living, it isn’t always practical or convenient to use it in its original form. But you can easily work around that by opting for a specially-made bathing bar.

We Herbal’s Ubtan Bathing Bar is just what the doctor ordered! Coming with the promise of zero-chemicals, this 100% organic product is made from compressed Multani Mitti blended with coconut oil, neem oil, and other beneficial herbs. Using it with every bath helps wash away all the dirt, grime and impurities that settle into the skin every day.

We Herbal is your safest bet, because it promises that every single one of its products is free from artificial chemicals. You can procure the Ubtan Bathing Bar or any of We Herbal’s wellness and beauty products, at this very moment or at your convenience, from here.

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