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Article: Are You Ready for the Onslaught of Summer?

Are You Ready for the Onslaught of Summer?

Are You Ready for the Onslaught of Summer?

The universe is truly magnificent! It consists of possibly more than a trillion galaxies, each of them comprising billions of stars. It is estimated that there may be something like one septillion stars in the entire universe – that’s one followed by 24 zeros, or… 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Mindboggling beyond mindboggling itself! But never mind the incomprehensibly infinite numbers of stars that make up the universe. Here on Earth, we need to think about just the one star – the Sun! In itself an absolute miracle, it is what makes life possible on our planet. Without it we could not exist!

But even the best of things come with a downside. It is said… You can never have too much of a good thing; well, twist that idiom another way, and really, you shouldn’t! Because too much of anything can be dangerous. The same goes with exposure to sunshine.

Sunshine – Pros and Cons
In moderation, sunshine on your skin is beneficial and even essential. It helps the body synthesise essential Vitamin D, strengthen bones, improve sleep patterns, enhance moods and mental wellbeing by increasing serotonin levels; it may even aid weight loss… The key though is ‘in moderation’. Like most things in life, too much exposure to sunlight too can be detrimental to health – it can cause sunburn, hasten ageing, even damage cell DNA, and thus lead to skin cancer.

Getting 5-15 minutes of sunshine (30, if you have darker skin) is more than sufficient to extract its health benefits; but more than that, especially at the height of day or in summer, can do just the opposite. Unfortunately, especially for us living in tropical regions, where the sun shines almost every day, regular and sustained exposure may be inevitable. It’s why you need good sunscreen.

The Role of Sunscreen
Sunscreen plays an important role in blocking dangerous solar UV radiation and preventing it from being absorbed by the skin. To be sure, no sunscreen can guarantee 100% protection, but at least it’s much better than no protection at all – thus allowing you to be out there for a longer time.

Sunscreen should be applied to all exposed parts of the skin, not covered by clothing. This includes the face. It should be applied at least 15 minutes before going outdoors, so it gives the skin time to absorb the same. It’s a good idea to reapply more every two hours, especially if you have gone swimming, or have sweated a lot.

In all of this, make sure the sunscreen you use is good for your skin. You don’t want a sunscreen that provides protection but then causes some other problem. That can happen with sunscreens that use artificial chemicals. Avoid those!

Even with Sunscreens, Play Safe…
If you don’t know where to find safe sunscreens, look no further than We Herbal. This brand of herbal products comes with the reassurance of 100% natural and organic ingredients in every single product – no artificial chemicals, colours or fragrances.

We Herbal’s Kumkumadi Sunshield Body Lotion comes with added benefits. It’s an all-in-one solution that not only protects your skin against dangerous UV rays, but also provides vital nourishment and moisturisation. It comprises an innovative formulation that combines the benefits of a high-performing sunscreen with luxurious moisturising properties of herbal extracts, so your skin stays shielded and moisturised right through the day.

Benefits of Kumkumadi
What makes We Herbal’s sunscreen so effective is the infusion of Kumkumadi Oil as one of its key ingredients. This unique an ancient Ayurvedic formulation, passed down centuries, is made up of natural but potent ingredients like real saffron and a host of Ayurvedic herbs. Kumkumadi Sunshield Body Lotion also comprises Rosehip oil, Carrot root extract, Almond oil, Jojoba oil and Sesame oil.

All perfectly blended into a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula, it ensures seamless application, leaving your skin soft, supple and protected. It nourishes and rejuvenates dull skin, provides long-lasting hydration, reduces signs of ageing and, of course, delivers chemical-free protection against harmful sun rays.

With the fierceness of summer already here, why wait any longer. You can pick up a pack of Kumkumadi Sunshield Body Lotion right here and right now!

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