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Article: The Wonder of Bhumi Amla

The Wonder of Bhumi Amla

The Wonder of Bhumi Amla

Life changed drastically and universally in 2020. The Covid pandemic put fear into the hearts and minds of most people. Suddenly, everyone felt vulnerable and exposed. It was like the worst could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Human memory may be short and fickle and, a few years down the line, the fear has receded, even if not entirely blown away. But the one legacy of that terrible phase is that almost everyone resolved to live a healthier lifestyle. To be sure, some were already on that path long before the pandemic even showed up; but now, health has become an almost universal priority. It took one event of global proportions to reinstate the old cliché of ‘Health is the greatest wealth’.

But what is health, really? It’s about living a life as nature meant it to be. Disciplined and natural. So much of health is in what we consume. One can do all the exercise and workout one wants, but if we don’t eat right, much of that won’t matter.

Mother Nature has always silently told us – Eat natural! She doesn’t just say, but provides as well. Be it by way of food or medication, it’s all out there in nature for us to live healthy, wholesome lives.

A Powerhouse of Health
Let’s take the humble Amla as an example. One small, innocuous fruit, but just a 100-gm serving can deliver as much Vitamin C as twenty oranges – a fruit presumed to be loaded with Vitamin C. We in India always knew the power of amla. Our grandmothers knew, and probably their grandmothers as well – wisdom that got passed down the generations.

And passed down through the annals of Ayurveda. It is presumed that amla has been used in ancient remedies for at least a thousand years. Yes, we owned it, and now the world is catching up – amla is being talked of as a superfood the world over. Phyllanthus Emblica by scientific name, it thrives in the tropical climate we are blest with. Sour and astringent by dominant taste, it possesses bitter and sweet notes as well, which makes it good to be consumed raw or added to cooking.

Medicinal Wonder
Its cousin, Phyllanthus Niruri, is a tiny erect annual herb treasured for its medicinal properties. Cool in potency, it boasts heptaprotective attributes that make it an excellent tonic for both liver and spleen. As such, Ayurvedic Bhumi Amla is used to detox the liver.

It also acts as a diuretic, helping reduce any kind of swelling in the body, while maintaining electrolyte balance. It can help the body fight against stone formation and is a natural antihistamine. Its liver detox properties make it a weapon against certain skin problems too.

Always go Organic
Which brings us to the question: Where should you source it from? Amla in its fruit form is available in the marketplace. However, you can source the same or even better potency online. Organic Bhumi Amla Powder is what you should look for. The key word here is ‘organic’.

When it comes to organic, you simply can’t go wrong with We Herbal. The brand comes with the promise of ‘100% natural, herbal, organic’ – which means absolutely no artificial chemicals, colours or fragrances in any of its products.

We Herbal’s Organic Bhumi Amla Powder is made from carefully selected, sun dried amla fruit, that are grown organically – without the use of any harmful, artificial pesticides or chemicals. It’s a premium quality product, formulated for your health and wellness.

You can click here and purchase a pack of We Herbal’s Organic Bhumi Amla Powder right away. Give yourself and your family the gift of good health. After all that’s happened these past few years, it is indeed a most meaningful and thoughtful gift.

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