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Article: A healthier life begins with Honest Ayurveda

A healthier life begins with Honest Ayurveda

A healthier life begins with Honest Ayurveda

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you do… we all try to look our best at all times – especially ahead of social engagements. Occasions that can even be as routine as going to college or work, or just going out for a walk. While we can mask or enhance the rest of our body by what we wear, there is simply no hiding the face!

Your face tells a story – and, fortunately or not, it’s all out there in the open for everybody to see and make their own judgments and interpretations. Beyond blemishes or other imperfections that can mar one’s countenance, there are two aspects of the face that are immediately and instinctively noticed by others – your eyes and your lips.

Emotional seismograph
According to psychology, or perhaps face-reading science, every bodily feature gives clues and insights into your personality. An essential aspect of one’s facial features, lips play a huge role in facial expression, sensation, speech, and even physical attraction and intimacy. Lips can subconsciously tip the attractiveness scale when someone is interested in you. They can reveal a lot about your personality or even mood.

Just think about it – lips change shape and structure depending on what you’re feeling or trying to express. They can wince when one is in pain, contort in an expression of disgust, quiver when afraid, or beam radiantly when happy. Lips are literally our emotional seismograph!

Smiling is key to making you look more attractive and friendly, but even the most radiant smile can be compromised by lips that are not being their best. This article will point you towards maintaining a healthy and attractive set of lips.

Towards a great pair of lips
Not everyone is blessed with a great pair of lips. Some of us have to work hard to arrive there, and even harder to maintain that status. Being constantly exposed to the elements, lips can take a lot of beating. It isn’t just cold or dry weather that can leave lips chapped, dry or cracked; heavy exposure to the sun can do damage as well.

Fortunately, you can beat the vagaries of climate and enjoy soft, supple, hydrated lips right around the year, by following certain routines. Drink plenty of water; never bite, lick or pick your lips, especially when they are chapped. Avoid contact of foreign objects, especially metal, with your lips.

But even these may not be sufficient. For ultimate protection, what you need is also a good, but safe, lip balm. Remember, all lip balms may not suit you, or some may just carry chemicals that are never a good idea to stay in contact with – especially with a part of your mouth that touches food or drink that goes into your body.

Go natural, go safe.
As always, you can’t go wrong with natural and herbal. We Herbal has just the right and safe product for you – Kumkumadi Lip Balm. Enriched with real saffron, it soothes, softens and revitalises your lips. Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice, and comes loaded with a host of health benefits.

As the name suggests, We Herbal’s Kumkumadi Lip Balm is infused with Kumkumadi Oil (of which saffron is one of the ingredients), an ancient Ayurvedic formulation made from Kumkum – a combination of saffron, sandalwood, turmeric, and more than twenty Ayurvedic herbs. Kumkumadi Oil delivers all the goodness that lips so desperately need – moisturisation, nourishment, even a natural radiance.

You can completely trust We Herbal because they promise 100% natural ingredients in every one of their products – no artificial chemicals, colours or fragrances. You can safely use We Herbal’s Kumkumadi Lip Balm every day, or as per your need, and unlock the secret of radiant lips – soft, supple, hydrated and chap-free. Elevate your lip care routine with the power of nature’s golden elixir – Kumkumadi Oil.

We Herbal’s Kumkumadi Lip Balm and several other herbal products are available right here. Shop your way to healthier, happier lips.

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